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131) Claudio on 2018-09-12
It would be great if you can pause the game so you can analyse and teach.

Great job
132) Robc on 2018-09-12
Claudio, I have an education variant of the game with the ability to pause. If you send me an email then I can grant you access to this special version.
133) Naumi on 2018-10-04
This game is great, it gave me a practical feel of Project planning.I took more tasks and placed them on the Ann because is an average resource among the rest.This was a mistake in a way as now Ann was not able to get to the second task. I did stay within budget.
134) Robc on 2018-10-11
I uploaded a small update to thatPMGame today. Player name registration is improved, leaderboards are improved, added a pause button to the game, reduced reliance on cookies, minor formatting, text, and graphic tweaks. I also added a slight pause between the time the game loads and when you can hit the start button. This is mainly to help players with slower connections who found the game would break sometimes if they started playing before the page was fully loaded.

I am still working on a larger update to add a little more complexity to the game... this update was just to fix little things that were crying out for attention.
135) MR on 2018-10-19
The game is really good! Can you explain the logic behind it's alghoritm?
136) Robc on 2018-10-19
I am glad you like it! The game is patterned after real life projects although greatly simplified. Time marches on. Tasks cost money to complete in this case proportional to their length. Staff work to complete tasks at a certain temporal rate and fiscal rate. There really isn't much more logic involved, and I would argue that these concepts are the foundation to understanding good project management. After these simple relationships are understood and understood deeply then a PM student can move on to the more complex concepts of project management. My sense is that many curricula skip this step. I hope to call attention back to it.
137) Jorge de Souza Arajo on 2018-12-08
I'm a teacher and I'd like to receive your version of the game with pause.
With It I will can explain solutions for my students.
138) Robc on 2018-12-10
Jorge, the game has been updated recently so that every version allows you to pause. All of the features that were in the original education variant are now incorporated into the basic game that you already have access to. Let me know if there is anything else that I can do for you. Robc.
139) Tony Marraro on 2018-12-28

I am a Senior Lecturer at Texas A&M University and teach Project Management in the Construction Science Department. Is it possible for me to have access to the educational version? This is a very teachable tool and I'd like to ask if you would have any issues with me utilizing in my classes?

Thank you sir,

Anthony Marraro, PMP, DBIA
Associate Department Head, Senior Lecturer
Department of Construction Science
Texas A&M University
140) Robc on 2018-12-31
Tony, glad you are interested in using the game in your classes! The education version is no longer available. All of the extra features that the education version had are now included in the main game which is online and available for you to use for free.

There are no issues or licensing requirements to use the game in your classes. Feel free to send me an email if you have special needs. Robc.
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197 comments found.

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